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SBM Pregnancy 32weeks 

You can fix your body's distortions yourself

SBM has a lot of potential.

Improves nerve function that connects the brain and body

All these symptoms improved in two and a half years


Pelvic distortion leads to neck distortion

How long are you waiting? if not now then when?

No more worrying about migraines

How to help a migraine?

One of the causes of migraines is distortion of the cervical spine.

SBM Detox seminar in Tokyo

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. Can I be cured without surgery if I am careful about my lifestyle?

My first experience with SBM

Back pain ,Migraines not Going Away? Exercise method that you can spend comfortably every day

Effect of nerve compression on the five senses Did the taste of the dish become stronger?

New special offer - Women SBM Trial Lesson Lily & Gold London Reopen 12th April

SBM trial lesson  I began to think about how to enjoy a life without children.

Improve severe migraine headaches with nausea.

Selfcare at home Private SBM lessons by online

Causes of thinning or crushing discs


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