Do you feel old? 

 Do you feel old? 

I'm hunchbacked and my shoulders are rolled inwards.

Good posture and a straight back can make all the difference to your appearance.

It's important to keep good posture.


that's what we talked about in today's lesson.



We all look different at the same age.

We all age equally. There are many things we can do for ourselves.

As your muscles lose their strength, your back becomes rounder, your neck loses its definition and curvature, and your face becomes more forward. The shortening of the neck can also be seen by looking at the balance of your body.


The pelvis, the foundation of the body, must be in the correct position.

The hips and neck are bent.

Muscles are in good balance on both sides of the body.



Just having these things in place makes all the difference to your appearance!

And these are things that you can only create yourself!



Wrinkles on your neck! If you think you have no neck muscles, SBM is on your side!


Building up your own body is a lot of fun.

If you are concerned about your posture

If you are looking for a healthy and realbeautiful body, we are waiting for you!


Monday 20th December 10th SBM Detox Seminar at London 

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Fee £380

North Finchley 



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