How is it possible to get the curve back?

Cervical spondylosis

Misalignment of the cervical spine

Straight neck

Herniated disc

The cervical spine is not in the correct position, such as the lack of curve in the cervical spine leads to a variety of problems.

As humans are bipedal, it is essential that the lumbar and cervical spine are curved.

Can you create a lumbar and cervical curve?

Some people may wonder how.


SBM specialises in creating curves in the lumbar and cervical spine.

It takes time to get them back into the right position and to build up the muscles

At SBM we use the SBM Pillow for our exercises. The exercises are also done while you are lying on mat


Please try SBM exercise

SBM Detox semimar

Monday 20th December from 10am - 6 hours SBM

This is a long SBM with a box of Lily & Gold Glucosamine.

Cost £380 

Please contact us if you would like to join this small group.

We will teach you SBM for the first time, so don't worry!



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