Here is an exercise you can do while stuck at home due to self isolate


Back pain and stiff shoulders can be improved in 5 minutes a day.


Lily & Gold Tokyo   President Yuriko Sugiura

Here are 2 simple exercises to correct pelvis and neck distortion.

Yuriko explains the method “Self Body Make” (SBM), for restoring a distorted body by herself.
Many people gathered and listened to them because they could improve their back pain, stiff shoulders,
headaches and other disorders with their own power 
without using massage or acupuncture.

Back pain that restricted her ability to walk was completely.


Yuriko has been suffering from stiff shoulders and migraines since she was in elementary school. 

It was difficult to carry her backpack to school, and she needed to take breaks from school because of headaches she had.

When she was in her second year of high school, her backache worsened, and she was sometimes unable to walk.

When Yuriko was 30 years old, she knew that she was suffering from physical disorder and wanted to be relieved of her headaches and back pain.

Yuriko cured her body disorder, which had been diagnosed as a herniated disc, spinal canal stenosis, and lumbar spondylolisthesis.


Women open and close their pelvis every 28 days. The pelvis opens during menstruation and closes when preparing for implantation.

In the course of repeating this cycle, if the hip joint becomes distorted, the spine, knees and feet will be affected, and the whole body will lean in that direction causing imbalance of posture.

For example, if you are lying down, crossing your legs, or leaning all one way, your muscles will remember this and will after time hold to the left or right causing distortion. It is the same as distorting the foundation of a house. If the foundation is crippled, the house will have various cracks. Same for the body.

So how did Yuriko improve her body and get a healthy body?

For 5 minutes every day before going to bed she carried out easy exercises to improve her distortion.


Yuriko used two exercises and was successful with improving her body distortion.

You can do the same at home:

All you need to carry out these exercises are a pillow or bath towel rolled to a diameter of 10 cm

It is recommended you start at doing 5 minutes of each exercise at the beginning and building up to an hour for each as you get used to the exercises.

It is best carried out before going to bed, and when you are relaxed. When you go to bed your mussels will relax and your bones will begin to settle in the correct position.

STEP1: Exercise to correct spine distortion symmetrically.

Exercise that balances the muscles and balances around the spine. Effective for back pain, stiff shoulders, headache, menstrual pain, etc.

By repeating the same movement with a certain rhythm, you can effectively build well-balanced muscles.

1Lie on your back, knees at 90 degrees.



2Put the rolled bath towel under your waist at the point that follows right under the navel which is the highest.


People with back pain must keep this posture after laying on the bath towels or pillow, even if your hips do not touch the floor. As time goes on, your bottom will come naturally to the floor, so don't overdo it.


3Move your knees left and right to the width of your shoulders while placing your hands on both sides of your waist.

Swing your knees with a rhythm to the left and right, try to do each swing in one second, if you cannot at first do not worry, as you will achieve this with practice.

4When you have finished, slowly remove the bath towel and take a deep breath slowly keeping your knees at 90 degrees.

STEP2Exercise to improve neck disorders.

This exercise will eliminate straight neck and recommended for eliminating stiff shoulders and headaches caused by stiff shoulders.

1Lie on your back  as for previous exercise but this time put the bath towel pillow under your neck.


Push the bath towel or pillow firmly against your shoulders.

2Raise your chin and swing your head from left to right.


As you move your head left to right, make sure your earlobes touch the bath towel or pillow.

Use the same rhythm as for back exercise taking one second to swing left to right.

3When you have finished, relax your chin staying on your back, taking a deep breaths.
If you carry out these exercises before going to bed, you will feel and see the improvements in as little as two weeks.

Do not carry out these exercises on a soft place such as a bed, the effect is halved, it is recommended they are carried out on a tatami mat or a yoga mat on the floor.
The cause of neck and waist pain is distortion such as left-right difference and vertical misalignment.

It is said that 80% of chronic diseases are caused by distortion.

A woman in her 60s who came to my class had a distorted hip joint and had trouble walking, but now she has practiced “SBM" method she feels she could now climb a mountain. It only takes a short time before you go to bed, give it a go you will never look back.

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Lily and Gold from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Lily and Gold London.

About Yuriko Sugiura


LILY & GOLD was founded by Yuriko, a fashion model and the Self Body Make (SBM) Principal.
Currently we run schools in Tokyo (Main School), Akasaka, Nagoya, and London (UK).


DIET & BEAUTY FAIR 2019 “Self Body Make” (SBM),  for restoring a distorted body by herself.  

         Interview and Text by Yu Iwai 

English translate by Mika, Lily & Gold London 

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