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High arch , slipped disc Herniated disc, irregular period

After 10 months of SBM my high-arches have nearly disappeared.

After 10 months of SBM classes I have seen a number of improvements: the pain of my slipped disc and other minor problems such as migraine and irregular periods have been alleviated and almost gone completely. My inherited high-arched feet have caused me many problems throughout my life, despite many treatments and rehabilitations in childhood and later unsuccessful surgery, but now my high arches have nearly disappeared. All these benefits have been astonishing. I think SBM is a great range of exercises. Mika and other people in the class are friendly, so I can learn not only about the exercises, but also work on life goals and career aspirations. Doing SBM exercises every single day and taking SBM classes have become a very joyful and important part of my routine. I’m thankful and happy to be awarded this year’s MVP, and very much appreciate everyone’s encouragement. I’m so glad I’ve taken part in the SBM exercise class, which has given me support I can rely on

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