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Herniated disc, Pinched nerve

Can Herniated Discs Heal Without Surgery?

I would like to share my clients experiences She decided to cancel the operation of herniated disc and try SBM instead.  A lumbar herniated disc and Ear ringing It was while I was waiting for my operation day for herniated discs when I came across Self Body Make (SBM). I was desperately browsing the web looking for any information, which might help ease my extreme backache caused by the herniated discs. I noticed some symptoms in my late 20's. One day at work, out of sudden  I felt a strong pain on my lower back at work , which enabled me to sit at my desk. It was a temporary pain so I didn't pay much attention. However, the same thing started to happen more frequently and eventually, I had to give up on my work as the numbness on my left leg, despite three-times-a-week osteopath treatments, prevented me from walking. It was so unbelievably painful to do simple things like standing or sitting that I had to limit my time outside and lie flat on the floor most of the time

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