The importance of maintaining correct posture is becoming more and more important for children

January 2022 SBM Trial Lesson for Parents and Children at London School 

Date and time to be agreed (e.g. Monday after class 3.30-4.30pm) 

Location West Finchley London 

Cost £60  

Content How to hold the SBM pillow  

   Instruction in SBM exercises 

What to bring: 

            Comfortable clothes, socks, SBM pillow (if you have one) 

   3 bath towels if you do not have an SBM pillow  

Age At our London school we have children starting SBM from 6-7 years old. 

Registration Enquiry

If you would like to purchase an SBM pillow (£120), 

please contact us. 


Why SBM is good for children

Have you ever heard of "Standing Back Education"? 

(立腰教育 Ritsuyou kyoiku)

Mr. Shinzo Mori, an educator and philosopher who advocated "standing back" education in Japan 

As the name suggests, "tachi-koshi" means "to stand up one's hip bones (pelvis) and stretch one's back muscles".

Developing correct posture from childhood can help children to concentrate better and be more effective in exercise and study, which is why posture is being reassessed as an essential educational method for children's development.

○Sit with correct posture. 

○Don't bend over, keep your back straight. 

○Don't look at your phone too much. 

○Is your eyesight deteriorating? Don't watch too much TV or use the computer!

Don't you often tell your child to do these things?

Correct posture is important for 

Concentration, persistence, calmness, shoulders 

Correct posture can help with concentration, retention, restlessness, stiffness, headaches, eye pain, back pain and fatigue.

So how do we get our posture right?

The best way to maintain correct posture is through exercise.

Exercise, you run, play football and dance every day! 

You may be thinking.

Creating correct posture is not a sport. 

You need to exercise to create the correct posture.

Keeping the correct posture while playing sports, violin, piano, etc. 

If you play a musical instrument such as the violin or piano, or if you dance, your body will be able to move even better.

Self Body Make (SBM) is an exercise that helps you to achieve the correct posture. This is known as SBM in Japan

SBM is an exercise for the hip and neck using the SBM Pillow.

Benefits are 

Keep Motivation 

Improves concentration 

The internal organs work better and you become healthier. 

The five senses are sharpened. 

Improve mental stability through physical balance 

Improvement in stiff shoulders, back pain and headaches 

Improved eyesight 

Improved blood flow

Easier to get up in the morning

Improved quality of sleep

No more menstrual pain

Pelvic care (for women, pelvic care is essential during menstruation, childbirth and menopause)

If you don't have any discomfort, this exercise will make your daily life more enjoyable and comfortable.

< <What is SBM (Self Body Make)? >>

1.SBM is a series of exercises using a special pillow to move the lower back and neck. 

2. The same movements are continued and the muscle imbalance is overridden again and again to restore the body to its original state. 

3. The result is a symmetrical and balanced muscular alignment around the spine, pelvis and all bones return to their normal positions. 

The result is a symmetrical balance of the muscles around the spine, pelvis and all the bones. 

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