I realised that my back and neck were in much worse shape than I had imagined,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the SBM Detox Seminar.


 What did you think of the SBM experience?

I realised that my back and neck were in much worse shape than I had imagined, I never imagined that just sleeping with the Basic pillow around my waist would cause so much pain. I was shocked that my hips could not touch the floor in this position.

I was very lucky to be in the company of two SBM graduates, and they showed me that if I stick to SBM for more than three years like they did, I can improve my situation.



What do you want to improve in your body?

Back pain, neck pain, stiff shoulders, bad posture



Why did you want to attend the SBM Seminar ?

My back pain and neck pain had worsened to the point where I could not improve them through physical therapy.

I was looking for a way to correct the distortions while exercising on my own.

Graduates of SBM students  have actually been able to correct their distortions and get rid of their back pain.



I really like using the sleeping pillow. The firmness and height suits me well😊.

I can't do 30 minutes but I do 15 minutes of back and neck exercises every day after that.

It's going to take me a while to get my hips on the floor. If I can do this I will join a membership class. I imagine it will be even more painful to get my hips on the floor and move on to swinging my knees from side to side!

I look forward to seeing you next time.

Thank you for sharing your experience of SBM!

Do not worry about your current health situation. You could change your body. I am looking forward to seeing you shortly 

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