If you have migraine, headache , back-pain , sciatica , herniated disc, Please welcome to join us.

Mens SBM online will start this Saturday ( Japanese class only)

Bathtowel x 3
space of yoga-mat
30min x 6 

£180 only 

If you have migraine, headache , back-pain , sciatica , herniated disc, 
Please welcome to join us. 

What is type of exercise ?

Its simple self curing two exercises and please check it

We will have English class or Chinese class if requested.

All SBM instructor will join the lesson and demonstrate how to do SBM, support our clients.
You can see different angle.

Lily & Gold London  
Woman’s SBM (Self Body Make) Annual Membership  costs £1600 
 a monthly fee  of £270 for 3 sessions .

Annual fee after first year £270.

Equipment required for full benefits.
SBM Pillow £120 
SBM Belt £140
Dental piece £35

Depending on symptoms we recommend Lily & Gold Glucosamine (to strengthen joints and spine) also Lily & Gold Enzyme paste (to support immune system, adjust hormone balance and gut flora)

Before you become a member please take a SBM trial lesson and consultation first.
SBM trial lesson (including consulting) 1h £140 (only available via zoom online due to COVID-19 at present for trial lesson)

Also Clients family support available.
Clients can bring immediate family to check their body and try SBM lesson (without membership fee) £140 for each family member.

Men’s SBM lesson online only.
SBM trial lesson (including consulting) £140.

Private regular online lesson also available please ask for further information.




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