Age has nothing to do with starting something.  Exercise to rebalance muscle

SBM exercise is rebalance of muscle. Age has nothing to do with starting something.  A client started at her age 69 because of poor posture and knee pain.  Now she is 76 and she has good posture and she is very energetic after her SBM journey. SBM is a set of simple, self curing exercises for your back and next using a special pillow SBM. The exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis and spine leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances.

Lily & Gold London  
Woman’s SBM (Self Body Make)
 Annual Membership  costs £1600 
 a monthly fee  of £270 for 3 sessions .

Annual fee after first year £270.

Equipment required for full benefits.
SBM Pillow £120

Depending on symptoms we recommend Lily & Gold Glucosamine (to strengthen joints and spine) also Lily & Gold Enzyme paste (to support immune system, adjust hormone balance and gut flora)

Before you become a member please take a SBM trial lesson and consultation first.
SBM trial lesson (including consulting) 1h £140 (only available via zoom online due to COVID-19 at present for trial lesson)

Also Clients family support available.
Clients can bring immediate family to check their body and try SBM lesson (without membership fee) £140 for each family member.

Men’s SBM lesson online only.
SBM trial lesson (including consulting) £140.

Private regular online lesson also available please ask for further information.

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