SBM exercises could help Migraines patients.

This year, I would like to support as many people as possible who suffer from back pain and migraines.

Distortion of the body creates your back pain and migraines. We hope that those who study low back pain and migraines at university and doctors will understand our method and save many patients. Having well-balanced muscles makes the most of your body's natural functions. If the NHS recommends our exercise, and if the children who go to school exercise for 10 minutes every day, we can build a body without back pain and headaches.

SBM exercises could help Migraines patients. 

Prize-winning migraine experts hope for a cure  by BBC

Migraine facts

  • it's one of the most common neurological conditions affecting humans
  • most attacks last for 24 hours
  • symptoms include severe head pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and sensitivity to sound, light, and touch
  • three million people are having one right now
  • one in three women has migraines
  • women are three times more likely than men to be affected
  • women also have more frequent and severe attacks



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