Improve severe migraine headaches with nausea.

Clients voice from Lily & Gold ,Nagoya、Japan

The purpose of the customer's enrolment in the SBM classroom was to improve severe migraine headaches with nausea.

The severe migraine was improved, and other symptoms such as the following were also improved!

○ Severe migraine with nausea

○ Distortion of the cervical spine

○ Vertical deviation of the cervical spine

○ Scoliosis

○ Hunched  shoulder

○ Rewriting to muscles with good left-right balance

○ Temporomandibular disorders

○ Left-right difference in meshing

○ Polyplastic advanced erythema

I'm very happy!

If you have any problems with these symptoms, please contact us.
You can improve the physical condition you have now by yourself.

SBM lesson class



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