Selfcare at home Private SBM lessons by online

I wanted to continue taking SBM lessons after The third  Lockdown in London.  Fortunately, we have been able to do private SBM lessons by Zoom, and we have been doing it since then.

 Immediately after the lesson, Mika will give feedback on the zoom short video, so I'm grateful that I can understand the movements during the lesson and pick up the points that need to be improved.

In addition, because the lessons can be taken at home by zoom, there is no time loss due to going out, and I think this is an epoch-making system. 

My health condition is good 

伦敦第3次解封之后,我想继续上SBM课。 幸运的是,我们已经能够通过Zoom进行私人课程,并且从那时起我们就一直在这样做。




Please contact us if you want to join our private lesson.



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