SBM trial lesson  I began to think about how to enjoy a life without children.

SBM Trial Lesson feedback ( Lily & Glold Tokyo)

Good morning.

Thank you for yesterday.

Last night I did a pillow exercise before going to bed and I was able to sleep quite deeply. I was getting tired and noticed that I usually slept lightly.


It's been a day and I'm feeling a lot of thoughts, so it's going to be a little longer, but let me tell you my impressions.


I wasn't feeling well from the morning yesterday, so I was wondering if I should take a day off until just before, but it was really good to participate in the SBM trial lesson 

From February to the day before the lesson, I've been busy with work all the time.


I experienced a divorce, my new romance was over, and I was in my 40s. I've always thought that becoming a mother in my life would be a natural experience somewhere. However, when I was in my 40s, I had a completely different life, and there was a time limit for childbirth, so I began to think about how to enjoy a life without children. To do that, I wanted to be beautiful and to prepare my body from the ground up. So, I suddenly remembered Yuriko-san, and when I looked it up, I was just looking for an SBM trial lesson, so I applied for it.

 For a short while during the lesson, I felt indifferent, meditative, and resetting my thoughts. SBM is a simple but profound exercise. The story of the oldest customer gave me courage as a great senior in my life. The spine is stretched and lively. I want to be that way too. For that purpose, I will continue exercising with the beautiful pillows I have purchased.


Yuriko, who I met after a long time, was becoming more and more beautiful, and during the lesson, my feelings were uplifted or my cells were excited. After all, I thought that Yuriko-san's sophisticated feeling and the friendliness of the item make her an attractive person. Masayo was very cute and it was a short time when she moved, but she felt sorry to say goodbye because she wanted to talk more.

 I hope I can continue exercising and participate in the SBM seminar next time.

Thank you Yuriko and Masayo for a wonderful time 

I'm looking forward to seeing you again

SBM Trial Lesson

I made Macha steam ban this afternoon 
Have a good weekend!



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