I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing your migraines story.

Dear Mika san,

Thank you for the lesson today and the MVP award as well. I wasn’t expecting it at all so while I was very surprised I felt that it was clear to those around me as well that I have achieved something and I was really glad. Thank you for the great earrings as well.

My migraines, which began 12 years ago when I started raising my kids, were at times so terrible that I had to stay in bed for three days in a row. I was told that my only choice was to control the pain by combining medicine for migraines prescribed by the hospital with market painkillers and I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life. 

Two years ago I was introduced to Mika during a casual conversation with the hairdresser that I always go to. 

Whole two years has passed since I started doing SBM,I’ve used almost no medicine, and now even if I get a headache it’s so minor that it improves quickly. 

When I first started SBM I felt nauseous when moving my neck and I couldn’t even talk to other people, but after a year passed I no longer had nausea and it seems that there has been significant improvement in my neck movement as well recently. When I was nauseous or when I couldn’t move my neck well I would half give up, thinking “It’s probably just me who can’t get out of this situation,” but miraculously this gradually improved! This was a moment when I really felt the expression “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Gaining courage from listening to the experiences of and seeing the physical changes in you and those older than myself who were taking lessons with me was a major factor in having been able to carry on. I often think of how much better it would have been to have discovered this exercise at an earlier period. Unfortunately, it seems I have passed on my genes for migraines to my daughter, but I think she’s lucky that she’ll be started on SBM before the migraines get bad like with mine.

If you want to try SBM please feel free contact us.

We are based in North Finchley 
SBM trial Lesson 60min including body check.
£140 for trial

SBM regular Class is membership only.



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