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New ! Mens SBM Lesson @ZOOM

0th (Trial) Men’s SBM Lesson @ZOOM for Headache, back pain, stiff shoulder , herniated disc , migraine , poor posture

Thank you for attending SBM(Self Body Make )  lesson Basic 1 We’ve got a brand new online Men’s SBM class ready for gentleman . Lily & Gold Class are running for Women or her family only since 2010 in London.  0th (Trial) Men’s SBM Lesson @ZOOM   30 minute x 6 lesson including SBM exercise    First Trial £120 special offer ! Speaker  Lily & Gold Tokyo   SBM principal  Yuriko  1   SBM Lesson Basic 1   How to hold SBM pillow and positioning your body 2   SBM Lesson Basic 2   Why do you have  Back pain ? How to improve it? 3   SBM Lesson Basic 3   Why do you have shoulder pain ? Headache ? How to improve it? 4   SBM Lesson Basic 4   What is a Cervical Curvature and why is it important? 5   SBM Lesson Basic 5   This is definitely for people with weak knees and hip joint ! 6   SBM Lesson Basic 6   Q&A 内容  0期 メンズSBMレッスン   1     SBMレッスン(基礎1)SBMピローの 持ち方・身体の位置確認 2     SBMレッスン(基礎2) なぜ腰痛になるの?これで改善! 3     SBMレッスン(基礎3)なぜ肩こり・腰 痛になるの?これで改善! 4     SBMレッスン(基礎4) 湾曲の重要な理由 5     SBMレッスン(基礎5)膝 

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