SBM Lesson Re opening in August

We are so pleased to announce the reopening of the Lily and Gold London  and I  look forward to welcoming you back to SBM Lessons and SBM trial lessons for Beginner.
Our regular lesson  will start Monday 3rd August and Please book if you would like to try SBM Trial lessons.
SBM Trial private lessonswill have limited capacity for your safety so we recommend you to book in early to reserve your spot. SBM Trial lesson is 60minutes including SBM exercises and body check.
If you've ever suffered from low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and headacheyou know all too well how much it can impact your daily life.  SBM is simple two kind of exercises and you can do to keep you whole body including back neck healthy and strong.
Class and Trial Lesson 
Please contact me if you have any questions. Our regular class is members only.
If you fancy learning a bit more about SBM, you can see the following blog.
 Here is an exercise you can do while stuck at home due to self isolate

Lily & Gold Londo…

Who want to be migraine free

Akiko''s Migraine Story 

 I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life.

She is now completely Migraine free after three years and her life changed.

All depend on oneself.

If you want to try SBM please feel free contact us.
We are based in North Finchley  SBM trial Lesson 60min including body check. £140 for trial
SBM regular Class is Annual  membership only.

Lily and Gold Inc  Glucosamine

What’s the Self Body Make?

What’s the Self Body Make? The name speaks for itself- SBM literally means ’making your own body’. It is a set of simple, self-curing exercises for your back and neck by using a special SBM pillow. The exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis, spine, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances. A modern office lifestyle often involves long hours in front of a computer. Sitting for such a long time causes lower back pain and neck pain. For example, I myself now started feeling such effects on my body – lower back pain, can’t lift heavy items, and can’t wear high heels. As for the neck, as I often read on my mobile, with my neck pointing down. I am feeling the consequences — no pillows feel comfortable to me. SBM is an exercise targeting the lower back and the neck. By slowly adjusting the spinal position, it aims to balance the posture and to help regain health. At first glance, SMB is very simple. You only need to put a SBM pillow under the lower bac…

Now my mother has never had pneumonia for two years!

We are pleased got feedback from clients (Tokyo,Japan)

“My mother was always hospitalized with pneumonia every year. Sometimes  my mother was discharged and got better, and soon after that, she was hospitalized again with pneumonia.”
But now my mother has never had pneumonia for two years! No matter what I think, my mother's new idea is to "drink enzyme paste every day" and nothing else. I'm not doing SBM either.

I am really grateful that sheis good every day. Lily & Gold enzyme paste is amazing. coronavirus right now, so I'm really glad that she was able to take care of it in advance. "

 Caring of mucous membranes

About Lily & Gold’s Enzyme Paste (Made in Japan)
By fermenting 80 good-quality wild grasses, medicinal herbs, and seaweeds over a year, our highly condensed enzyme contains a high level of potency in the paste

Quality and safety accredited by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease.

Contains MAP Enzyme, a natural enzyme…

Coexistence with Nature

It has nearly been six weeks since GOV made an unprecedented address to the nation on March 23. Since then I go for a walk every morning. I realised again how beautiful nature is, how wonderful woodland is. I feel You can see things you can't see in the woodland. Let's be aware of coexistence with nature.
During Lockdown, I start my SBM(Exercise) at 18:30. This is daily routine whatever happened. We recommend SBM before you go to bed. Why? Human Bone move while sleeping. 
 Here is an exercise you can do while stuck at home due to self isolate
SBM is kind of meditation as well. Just Do SBM without thinking.Lets listen your body. 

Caring of mucous membranes

The key to maintaining your body and mind healthy lies within your gut flora and mucous membranes 

"Mucous membranes protect the inside parts of your body that are exposed to air, in a similar fashion to how your skin protects your external body. Mucous membranes are rich with mucous glands that secrete mucus to help keep the membranes moist."   

"Dry mucous membranes are a sign of dehydration and can cause various health problems" Ref  VERY WELL HEALTH  See more details of Mucous membranes 
What Mucous Membranes Do in Your Body

Caring of  mucous membrane The care of mucous membranes is part of my daily routine. I take our enzyme paste in the morning and before go to bed. Daily mucosal strengthening leads to prevention of viral infection.Rather than spending anxious days, let's be aware of daily physical care.

Have you ever wondered what’s causing health or mental problems?
Your intestinal bacteria may be the cause of the symptoms.. In fact your intestines are the key o…

Self Body Make is a good form of exercise and Anyone can exercise regardless of age.

Self Body Make (SBM) is a good form of exercise, because it uses every muscle in of the body.

Anyone can exercise regardless of age at home.

When you are standing or sitting, your muscles support your body
Exercise while lying is the most loose and relax body.

SBM produces well-balanced, supple muscles by exercising while lying down. You don't need to do muscle training if you exercise for health.

 Here is an exercise you can do while stuck at home due to self isolate

Stay safe and healthy ♡

Japanese soul food ! Fermented Enzyme Brown rice mixed Hijiki,  Dried shiitake mushroom and Carrot Homemade Barley Miso Soup