Self Body Make From Tokyo to London: I thought I would have migraines for the rest of m...

Self Body Make From Tokyo to London: I thought I would have migraines for the rest of m...: Thank you for sharing your migraines story. Dear Mika san, Thank you for the lesson today and the MVP award as well. I wasn’t expe...

I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing your migraines story.

Dear Mika san,

Thank you for the lesson today and the MVP award as well. I wasn’t expecting it at all so while I was very surprised I felt that it was clear to those around me as well that I have achieved something and I was really glad. Thank you for the great earrings as well.

My migraines, which began 12 years ago when I started raising my kids, were at times so terrible that I had to stay in bed for three days in a row. I was told that my only choice was to control the pain by combining medicine for migraines prescribed by the hospital with market painkillers and I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life. 

Two years ago I was introduced to Mika during a casual conversation with the hairdresser that I always go to. 

Whole two years has passed since I started doing SBM,I’ve used almost no medicine, and now even if I get a headache it’s so minor that it improves quickly. 

When I first started SBM I felt nauseous when moving my neck and I couldn’t even talk to other people, but after a year passed I no longer had nausea and it seems that there has been significant improvement in my neck movement as well recently. When I was nauseous or when I couldn’t move my neck well I would half give up, thinking “It’s probably just me who can’t get out of this situation,” but miraculously this gradually improved! This was a moment when I really felt the expression “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Gaining courage from listening to the experiences of and seeing the physical changes in you and those older than myself who were taking lessons with me was a major factor in having been able to carry on. I often think of how much better it would have been to have discovered this exercise at an earlier period. Unfortunately, it seems I have passed on my genes for migraines to my daughter, but I think she’s lucky that she’ll be started on SBM before the migraines get bad like with mine.


Happy New Year 2019

The New Year is here! 

Look ahead, embark on the road to success. 

May you have a great journey to your destination! 

Happy 2019.


Loss of high of disc??

Disc degeneration is a normal part of aging, and usually is not a problem. When disc height is lost, nerve impingement, bone and joint inflammation, and resultant pain can occur.

I will neither deny nor confirm what Dr say but I would say glucosamine have beneficial effect on degenerating discs and cartridge. I  recommended if you feel stiff your body, loss hight of your disc.

£120 for 15 days

Lily and Gold Inc Glucosamine and Self body Make( SBM) exercise would help your health.

About Self Body Make

Self Body Make (SBM) is a phrase invented by Yuriko, a fashion model and the founder of LILY & GOLD TOKYO, school for Self Body Make.

The name speaks for itself- SBM literally means ‘making your own body.’ It is a set of simple, self-curing exercises for your back and neck by using a special SBM pillow. 

The exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances.     

The beauty of SBM is not only acquiring the art of self-dependence and learning the joy of this exercise, but also the transformation from within and outside of one’s body.    

The theory of SBM is profound. The more you exercise, the more you will discover. No matter what your age is, you can evolve your body and mind through SBM.

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The official website of Lily and Gold London has been renewed.

The official website of Lily and Gold London has been renewed.

We will continue to disseminate the charm of SBM(Self Body Make) from now on,  please take a look.


Thank you.Lily and Gold London


No longer suffered from those somatic symptoms

Body conditions before starting SBM
Junior High School to High School
Lumbar spondylolisthesis with a temporal walking difficulty and had to wear corset
Diagnosed as straight cervical spine by a chiropractor
Painful menstrual periods and could not get out of bed on heavy
days, Anemia, Meniscal legion of the left knee, Weight gain
20s to 30s
Meniscal tear worsened with fluid build-up inside the knee
Headaches, shoulder pains, hip joint pains and pains in the left knee
Sciatica, Constipation, Inflammatory bowel disease with bleeding
Booked for colonoscopy every year, Removal of colorectal polyp
Eradication of Helicobacter pylori
Cervical cytology Level 3 (abnormal cervical cells)
Tendonitis with constant numbness on both wrists
Period pains (I was in agony every time before the menstruation started) , Herpes, Shingles, Cardiac hypertrophy, Hyperthermia
Weight gain
Prior to starting SBM, I was frequenting the hospital for a very long time.
I attempted to do the SBM exercise at the workshop but as I laid on the pillow my hip would not touch the floor so I couldn’t do any exercise that day. I continued lying on the pillow for the next 10 days and finally my hip touched the yoga mat beneath me. The hip touched the floor, however, my back didn’t, so I was literally sustaining my upper body by my head. I was in pain while I was doing the exercise for the back. I was in tears and unable to speak. It was like that for the first 2 months until I could gradually exercise without difficulty. It took good 3 months to do exercises for both back and neck with ease.
No longer suffered from severe period pains
It was 3 months on since I started the SBM when I no longer suffered from severe period pains. I didn’t need painkillers anymore. The knee pain also disappeared and I was no longer seeing a chiropractor. My weight gradually dropped. I was free from various other symptoms too. As I started SBM I discovered I had been having myodesopsia and Meniere's disease. The symptoms of Meniere's disease came and went, but the dizziness faded gradually and did not come back.
I learned the importance of gut bacteria through SBM. By combining the exercise and the intake of bacteria, I saw improvements with my bowel movements as well as with the symptoms of herpes and shingles. I was starting to feel lighter and the size of my face was becoming smaller. Further exercise of SBM and intake of the gut bacteria saw further improvements on my body with no new colonal polyps found from colonoscopy and the doctor said no further tests were required for the next 3 years. This was 16 months on since I first started SBM.
Prior to starting SBM I was wearing size 8 jeans from GAP. Now I am wearing size 1! Not only I am in good health but because I have toned a great deal I now have a wider selection in my wardrobe. This was an unexpected but a pleasant surprise.
Looking back at the last 2 decades my body was sending out SOS signals, starting from lumbar spondylolisthesis and straight neck. However, I wasn’t taking those signals seriously by undergoing temporary treatments- I wasn’t dealing in depth with the cause of each symptom. As a result, my body was falling to pieces. I realized every part of my body is connected and affects one another.
I was blessed for discovering SBM. Today I feel the joy of spreading the benefits of SBM and proud of being a SBM instructor in London.

Lily & Gold London
SBM instructor
Mika (meimei)




  • When I was a teenager my health started to deteriorate and I was frequently visiting the doctor. When I started working my grandmother was becoming frail. By the time I was 38 I realised I could not go on looking after my agings grandmother with me being constantly poorly.
  • It was at this time I came across Self Body Make (SBM), a self-healing method for curing one’s body. After attending the Main School in Tokyo for 16 months, my condition was improving and I no longer felt unwell. After regaining my health thanks to SBM, I aspired to becoming an instructor with the hope to spread the word to people who suffered from constant illnesses like myself. 
  • I learned the importance of listening to one’s body and mind through SBM. I also learned the beauty of self-healing, controlling and managing one’s own wellbeing. 
  • I wish this world becomes free of health problems and that everybody can live in a bright society filled with joy and laughter. With that in mind, I aim at proliferating the importance of SBM to anyone who is in need of health guidance.

Self Body Make From Tokyo to London: I thought I would have migraines for the rest of m...

Self Body Make From Tokyo to London: I thought I would have migraines for the rest of m... : Thank you for sharing your migraines story. ...