SBM Pregnancy 32weeks 

 Can I still do SBM if I'm pregnant?

Many people think so.

A customer of the London School who is 32 weeks pregnant

She is a mum of 1.5 years old and works full time.

She attends classes and does SBM.

Look at this picture!

She has a strong axis and is able to exercise steadily.

If you don't look at her belly, you wouldn't think she was pregnant.

She doesn't have any back pain and she is lying facing upwards.

She has no back pain, she is lying on top of you, and she is exercising lightly.

Even with your first child.

I was doing SBM until the day before.

This week, we had a special lesson where we saw her exercise.

Our Master Yuriko gave us her seal of approval!

In addition to the abdominal and back muscles, there is also a curvature of the hips.
It is a beautiful and balanced line.

SBM can be done up to the last month like this customer, but
Please do SBM under the guidance of your instructor!  Japanese 



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