You can fix your body's distortions yourself

 You can fix your body's distortions yourself

The balance of the human body is maintained by the spine and pelvis and the muscles that support them. Poor posture and lack of exercise can cause excessive strain and muscle weakness, which can lead to distortions in the body and affect general health, such as stiff shoulders, back pain and internal organ problems.

Check your body for distortions and use exercise to build balanced muscles and improve your distortions.

The human body's centre of gravity is held together by the skeletal and muscular structure of the spine and pelvis, which support the whole body. The spine has a gentle S-curve which distributes the weight of the upper body backwards and forwards efficiently, so that the muscles are not overloaded. The pelvis is the foundation of the whole body, connecting the upper and lower body and protecting the internal organs and reproductive organs. When the spine and pelvis are tilted from their original position due to bad posture or lifestyle, it can cause stiffness, pain and organ problems, which can affect your overall health.

The spine and pelvis are supported by muscles such as the trapezius muscle around the cervical vertebrae, the transversus abdominis muscle around the abdomen and the gluteus maximus muscle in the buttocks. These muscles relax and contract as the body moves, bringing the bones back into their normal position and maintaining balance. However, when the muscles are overstrained, weak or stiff, the spine and pelvis tilt and the body becomes distorted.

Please try SBM exercise

You can fix your body's distortions yourself

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