Very strong physical sensations from my body

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SBM surprised me even though I knew what was involved way before the actual meeting.

Mika was kind and generous with her knowledge and practice. She was attentive and had a lot of patience to address my frequent questions and enquiries.

She then conducted a non intruding examination. It was then her part to ask questions about injuries, routine and topics as such. 

Her analysis was very hopeful. She explained that SBM views the body as a whole and tries to address it as such. She explained to me where she suspects or witness an abnormality in my body and this led us right to the main event of my meeting with Mika: SBM exercise.

I practice while lying on my back and the exercise and everything seems very straightforward and simple.

I will admit this - despite being fit and that I exercise regularly, SBM exercise was more challenging that I expected. It addressed parts of my body I have not addressed well.

When I was done with the workout, I tried to understand what I just went through. It felt to me like I was in the gym or walking in nature for a day.

Very strong physical sensations from my body despite the fact that I know I was lying down in my back for about an hour.

This result confused me and Mika was again there for the rescue. She said that this is a most encouraging outcome. Certain muscles obviously need training and some flexibility in certain parts may be lacking, but those are addressed with the SMB exercise I just did and that is why I feel like that.

She then gave me my "before" pictures so I will be able to compare the results in the future.

If you are interested in SBM Please contact us.  We can offer online SBM trial during lockdown.

Finally snowed in London this week I am so happy to walk in woodland.



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