Caring of mucous membranes

The key to maintaining your body and mind healthy lies within your gut flora and mucous membranes 

"Mucous membranes protect the inside parts of your body that are exposed to air, in a similar fashion to how your skin protects your external body. Mucous membranes are rich with mucous glands that secrete mucus to help keep the membranes moist."   

"Dry mucous membranes are a sign of dehydration and can cause various health problems"
Ref  VERY WELL HEALTH  See more details of Mucous membranes 

What Mucous Membranes Do in Your Body

Caring of  mucous membrane
The care of mucous membranes is part of my daily routine. I take our enzyme paste in the morning and before go to bed. Daily mucosal strengthening leads to prevention of viral infection.Rather than spending anxious days, let's be aware of daily physical care.

Have you ever wondered what’s causing health or mental problems?

Your intestinal bacteria may be the cause of the symptoms..
In fact your intestines are the key organs for protecting your immune system.
By improving your gut health you’ll see a boost in your immune system- not only you will become less prone to illness but you can also maintain your health and youthful appearance. Dubbed as our body’s “second brain”, intestines are closely linked and have strong influence on our brain.

Feeling irritated, lacking motivation, not feeling alive, suffering from depression?
Such emotions may be caused by an imbalance in your gut bacteria.

Your gut health can be greatly affected by various factors, such as your diet, lifestyle, and your stress level..
Skin problems, constipation, allergies, and/or immunodeficiency, are some indications of an imbalance in your gut bacteria. 

With a regular intake of high-quality enzyme, not only will your gut but also your body and mind will become healthy, resulting in bringing joy and happiness to your life.

Benefits of improving your gut health:

Cures Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Clears skin
Protects from viruses and infections
Protects from allergies
Boosts immune level
Maintains good health
Boosts your mood

Enhance the quality of your daily life and spend each day with increased happiness.

About Lily & Gold’s Enzyme Paste (Made in Japan)

By fermenting 80 good-quality wild grasses, medicinal herbs, and seaweeds over a year, our highly condensed enzyme contains a high level of potency in the paste

Quality and safety accredited by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease.

Contains MAP Enzyme, a natural enzyme for balancing hormones.
Contains LPS (bacteria found in soil and/or vegetables), protecting from infections/allergies and help maintain health.
Each enzyme paste is individually wrapped – meaning it’s convenient and easy to carry 
The product is in the form of paste and doesn’t require liquid to take.
 How to take Enzyme Paste As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 pastes daily.

Price £180 / (25 pastes)   Limited stocks 
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About Yuriko  Product Developer

Born in Tokyo, Japan. After a stint as an office worker, Yuriko switched careers as a fashion model of a ladies’ magazine. She subsequently appeared in popular fashion magazines and expanded her horizons as an influential advocate of health and beauty by appearing at various seminars and workshops. Yuriko is the founder of a beauty and wellbeing school focusing on pelvic exercise based in Omotesando, Tokyo. Schools are also located in London (UK), Akasaka (Tokyo, Japan), and Nagoya (Aichi, Japan). 



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