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Patients at the Highest Risk for Reherniation

Reherniation Disc

Why some people re herniated disc after the surgery? In my experience   Its simple. Just poor posture and spine do not have proper curve and doesn't have muscle and still disc pressured.  That's the reason I recommend Self Body Make exercises to improve your posture and re build your balanced of muscle and make your disc thicker by Glucosamine etc.You can improve your body yourself because most of disc herniated patients cause by poor posture. All our clients still keep do exercise and improve their own health. 
If you would like to improve your health and improve your condition of slipped disc or herniated disc please read this blog
Please remember your herniated disc situation make your self except accident. so you still could improve it. 

Patients at the Highest Risk for Reherniation 
The purposes of the present study were to (1) confirm the risk of recurrent l…

Do you have Motion sickness ?

I am pleased to announce that Naoko won Lily & Gold London MVP 2019! Lily and Gold will  choose MVP every year.

Congratulation!!!!  (Japanese Blog)

Naoko joined Lily & Gold London last November and She started doing SBM. Reason for joining SBM class,  She wanted to improve
* Free from motion sickness (More than 10 years,Flight, Taxi, Car, Bus ....except her own driving) * Natural smile. She done not know how to smile and expression is hard * Beautiful posture  She doesn't know what's good posture and how to improve the posture

Naoko did not have any symptoms but she understood that how important spine of curve and Good posture is important for her health and expressions after I explained about body and SBM. 
Over one years SBM, Almost her motion sickness gone. She took 18 hours flight in Oct and she did not get sick. That's huge improvement for her and She was told your posture getting better. Never too late y…

Strengthening the trunk muscles stabilises and keep the spine of S curve

Strengthening the trunk muscles stabilises and keep the spine of S curve is most important things for all people. We recommend that Specially herniated disc or slipped disc patients focus on Strengthening the trunk muscles stabilises and keep the spine of S curve.

You do not need to stand , run and jump....Just lying on the yoga mat and using a special pillow to do exercises. The pillow support neck of curve. 

Neck Exercise is good for migraine, headache, ear ringing, shoulder pain as well.

Benefits of Hip Exercises and Neck Exercises for herniated disc

Health Magazine  からだにいいこと( Good for your body)
Lily & Gold Tokyo SBM Head School, Principal Yuriko introduced SBM (Self Body Make  Exercises). SBM is simple Hip( Lower back ) and Neck exercises using a SBM pillow which specially developed by Chiropractor. A Patient of herniated disc, lower back pain need to rebuild well balance of muscle and correct the position of pelvis, spine. The exercises only build your own muscle. It's simple curing exercises. Please try SBM if someone wants heals your herniated disc condition.

We visited Lily & Gold Head school in Tokyo

Please do not give up if you diagnosed as herniated disc or slipped disc. 

I am so happy to share Makiko's herniated disc story.....
It was six and a half years ago when I started feeling numbness in my left leg and was diagnoses with a herniated disc, It was so bad that I had to retire from my job. I decided to undergo on operation back in Japan, In the meantime I wanted to do something to alleviate the sympto…

I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing your migraines story.

Dear Mika san,
Thank you for the lesson today and the MVP award as well. I wasn’t expecting it at all so while I was very surprised I felt that it was clear to those around me as well that I have achieved something and I was really glad. Thank you for the great earrings as well.

My migraines, which began 12 years ago when I started raising my kids, were at times so terrible that I had to stay in bed for three days in a row. I was told that my only choice was to control the pain by combining medicine for migraines prescribed by the hospital with market painkillers and I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life. 
Two years ago I was introduced to Mika during a casual conversation with the hairdresser that I always go to. 
Whole two years has passed since I started doing SBM,I’ve used almost no medicine, and now even if I get a headache it’s so minor that it improves quickly. 

When I first started SBM I felt nauseous when moving my nec…

As for the effect on Parkinson's diseases, it's obviously not a cure, but I think it will be a very good tool to improve my quality of life.

Thank you for sharing your Experience of SBM.

I came to try this exercise to see if it would help counter the effect of Parkinson's diseases which I had for 15 years.

Though it was just a trial where I had 20mins of exercise, the result was very promising. I could see a clear improvement in the overall posture which is  one aspect of the Parkinson's diseases I've been trying to counter. 

The drastic change I could see on the before and after pictures was somewhat shocking.

Since this exercise will develop the muscles which inturn adjust the posture, I imagine the improvement will be more long lasting than other therapies like Chiropractic, osteopathy,  acupuncture ect.
It's more of a exercise than a therapy so if you are not willing to put in some work, it's probably not going to be much help but for those who are ready to face the challenge, it's worth every strenuous moments you may go through. 
As for the effect on Parkinson's diseases, it's obviously not…

Making Lumber Curve and Neck Curve !

How to make lumber and neck curve by Exercise?

Our spine got lower back curve and neck curve. Its really important if you have those curve or not.
Every month I check my clients's body including pelvis, spine, hip joint , balance of muscle and curve of spine.
Most of clients who had diagnosed herniated disc or slipped disc, they do not have enough curve of spine. I see sometime too straight like a stick and too narrow discs because of compressed by yourself.

That's reason SBM will use a special pillow to make spine curve!!  Thats really important to know  you could make your spine curve by exercise.

I used to had straight neck and back as well and my both hands became numb and I took Xray at clinic etc. But I've never thought it caused by my neck. When first time my master she pointed out my body what's wrong. She said right. After I started SBM with Lily & Gold Glucosamine , all my symptoms disappears. 
Pelvis and spine are really important.  SBM (Self Body Make)…

I have seen a number of improvements: the pain of my slipped disc and other minor problems such as migraine and irregular periods have been alleviated and almost gone completely.

After 10 months of SBM classes I have seen a number of improvements: the pain of my slipped disc and other minor problems such as migraine and irregular periods have been alleviated and almost gone completely. 

My clients voice

If you suffer from slipped disc or herniated disc do not give up !
Human body is a wonderful.  You just need to be correct  the position of pelvis, spine, leading to collection of balance disorders and muscle imbalance by yourself!

You are your own doctor

Except an accident, In most of case , such as herniated disc, slipped disc, you create them yourself.
Poor posture Bad lifestyle habit Also possible to effect your spin, disc.
Please take your responsibility own your body and mind.
1. Stop blaming others 2. Stop making excuses 3. Always reasons and causes for all matters.     By facing and finding those causes on your won, you will see what you really should do now. 4. Care and love yourself     If you really care and love yourself, why do leave the trouble?  5. Believe yourself 6. A sound mind in a sound body   (Body is first!!!  Thats important.)

If you have any health issues, might related your body misalignment. If so, you can cure your body misalignment. Dr, can't do for you. Because your body habit, your poor posture.... 
That's why I recommended our Self Body Make (SBM) exercises to correct the position of your pelvis , spine and re build your balanced of muscle. Without your muscle you can not keep good posture. 


Are you looking for exercises for herniated disc, slipped disc, back pain,

Have you been told your only option for herniated disc, slipped disc or back pain is steroid injections or invasive surgery?  If you are looking for exercises for herniated  disc, slipped disc, back pain, SBM( Self Body Make) will be one of option.
Why SBM?
1. SBM is a Simple elf curing exercises with special SBM pillow. You do not need to stand, run, jump.  you lying on the Yoga mat.

2. First exercise is hip( Lower back) 

3. then Neck exercise

4. Our client's feed back I decided to cancel the operation of herniated disc and try SBM instead. 
If you want to try SBM, please welcome to join our workshop in Jan 2020

My condition was improving and I no longer felt unwell. After regaining my health thanks to SBM

Lily & Gold Tokyo Yuriko held SBM(Self BodyMake) seminar in Tokyo. Human body is simple and amazing. Just listen your body saying. Your body just tell you what's wrong if you feel pain ,numb, 
SBM is simple too. SBM tell you what your current condition of body. 

Hip (lower back) exercise

Neck exercise

I shared my SBM experience to people when I was in Tokyo.(2009)
When I was a teenager my health started to deteriorate and I was frequently visiting the doctor. When I started working my grandmother was becoming frail. By the time I was 38 I realised I could not go on looking after my aging grandmother with me being constantly poorly.
It was at this time I came across Self Body Make (SBM), a self-healing method for curing one’s body. After attending the Main School in Tokyo for 16 months, my condition was improving and I no longer felt unwell. After regaining my health thanks to SBM, I aspired to becoming an instructor with the hope to spread the word to people who suffered from co…