How long are you waiting? if not now then when?

Today Health secretary says

  "To those who say why take this step now, I say if not now then when."

I ask my customer the same question. How long are you waiting? If you didn't take action to improve of your health now, when would you do it?

Do you think someone will cure you?The only thing that hasn't improved after trying various things is that the approach is incorrect. It is a mistake to say that any exercise is fine. Try to do the right exercise for your approach to the body.

SBM exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis , leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances.   Please try SBM!

Our SBM clients are suffer from Migraines , headache,  motion sickness, herniated disc, joint issues etc

Nippon Club in London 

Please contact us if you have a request to hold a SBM seminar.

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