Increases Intrinsic value of human body

I feel that the Intrinsic value of human body our customers increases through SBM.

If the skeleton is in the correct position around the pelvis and spine, which is the foundation of your body, there are symmetrical and well-balanced muscles, and if we can fully utilize the functions of the body that human beings originally have, That's enough.

A person's body is very well made, so it's very simple to just take care of the body given by your parents.When people feel anxious, they tend to seek help from external sources. I want someone to cure my headache and back pain. If you think about it calmly, in most cases you can create it yourself, so you can cure it yourself.

Make it a year for everyone to love and care for their bodies more before they help others. When each person takes responsibility for his or her body, this earth becomes the best place for love.

Let's make it a place of love for the next generation!



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