My first experience with SBM


身体都没有什么大问题。开车时间久了, 或者坐在床上看手机久了,脖子和腰会有些不适应。   睡眠不是很好,晚睡晚起,中途醒再次睡。         


我的腰部的太直,肩膀过于前倾, 很多动作没有办法做到位。 但是Mika的指导下,基本可以做到相关的动作。刚开始腰部肌肉非常的疼痛和酸胀,颈部只有酸胀和些许头晕, 但之后觉得相关肌肉非常有支撑力。我相信有相关疼痛或者不适的人,只要去尝试一次课程, 都会想继续练习。

My situation: 

There is no major problem with my body. If I drive for a long time, or sit on the bed and watch my phone for a long time, my neck and back will feel a little uncomfortable. I didn't sleep very well, I went to bed late and got up late, waking up halfway and going to bed again. 

My first experience with SBM:

My back is too straight, and my shoulders are too forward. Many movements cannot be done properly. But under the guidance of Mika, the related actions can be basically done. At first, the back muscles were very painful and sore, and the neck only had soreness and a little dizziness, but then I felt that the relevant muscles were very supportive. I believe that people with related pain or discomfort will want to continue practicing as long as they try a course.

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