SBM Lesson Re opening in August

We are so pleased to announce the reopening of the Lily and Gold London  and I  look forward to welcoming you back to SBM Lessons and SBM trial lessons for Beginner.

Our regular lesson  will start Monday 3rd August and Please book if you would like to try SBM Trial lessons.

SBM Trial private lessons will have limited capacity for your safety so we recommend you to book in early to reserve your spot. SBM Trial lesson is 60minutes including SBM exercises and body check.

If you've ever suffered from low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and headache you know all too well how much it can impact your daily life.  SBM is simple two kind of exercises and you can do to keep you whole body including back neck healthy and strong.

Class and Trial Lesson 

Please contact me if you have any questions. Our regular class is members only.

If you fancy learning a bit more about SBM, you can see the following blog.

 Here is an exercise you can do while stuck at home due to self isolate

Lily & Gold London 



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