Now my mother has never had pneumonia for two years!

We are pleased got feedback from clients (Tokyo,Japan)

“My mother was always hospitalized with pneumonia every year. Sometimes  my mother was discharged and got better, and soon after that, she was hospitalized again with pneumonia.”

But now my mother has never had pneumonia for two years! No matter what I think, my mother's new idea is to "drink enzyme paste every day" and nothing else. I'm not doing SBM either.

I am really grateful that she is good every day. Lily & Gold enzyme paste is amazing. coronavirus right now, so I'm really glad that she was able to take care of it in advance. "

About Lily & Gold’s Enzyme Paste (Made in Japan)

By fermenting 80 good-quality wild grasses, medicinal herbs, and seaweeds over a year, our highly condensed enzyme contains a high level of potency in the paste

Quality and safety accredited by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease.

Contains MAP Enzyme, a natural enzyme for balancing hormones.
Contains LPS (bacteria found in soil and/or vegetables), protecting from infections/allergies and help maintain health.
Each enzyme paste is individually wrapped – meaning it’s convenient and easy to carry 
The product is in the form of paste and doesn’t require liquid to take.
 How to take Enzyme Paste As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 pastes daily.

Price £180 / (25 pastes)    SOLD OUT!
We are accepting reservations. will be in stock in July 
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