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Neck and Back pain always has causes

Neck and  Back pain always has causes Unfortunately we do not know exactly what causes When I was taking care of my grandmother  she was 99 years old. I already my both hand num and back pain and sciatica. I visited Dr to check and blood test as well. Dr asked me put the plaster on both hands and back. I had three times chiropractic treatment for my pain in month. I realised I have had treatment for ever.

First time I joined the SBM basic workshop in Tokyo.I studied how important balance of body. My pelvis is not right pelvis was up which means slightly higher than left. So my right legs shorter than left. My lower back was too stiff and straight and I do not have curve of Lumber. Too stiff and squeeze my nerve which related my sciatica. My neck was not curve as well. You can refer the following picture why my both hands num finally I got it. 

Ref: The Human Boy Book from DK

I stop seeing my Dr and chiropractic and started Self Body Make exercises instead. I had my gut feel…

SBM Trial Review

SBM surprised me even though I knew what was involved way before the actual meeting.

Mika was kind and generous with her knowledge and practice. She was attentive and had a lot of patience to address my frequent questions and enquiries.

She then conducted a non intruding examination. It was then her part to ask questions about injuries, routine and topics as such.

Her analysis was very hopeful. She explained that SBM views the body as a whole and tries to address it as such. She explained to me where she suspects or witness an abnormality in my body and this led us right to the main event of my meeting with Mika: SBM exercise.

I practice while lying on my back and the exercise and everything seems very straightforward and simple.

I will admit this - despite being fit and that I exercise regularly, SBM exercise was more challenging that I expected. It addressed parts of my body I have not addressed well.

When I was done with the workout, I tried to understand what I just went through.

It felt…

Thinking before A hip replacement surgery

A hip replacement is a common type of surgery where a damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial one in UK too.

 It might be necessary for you to have a hip replacement if one of your hip joints becomes damaged. 

SBM Instructor Yasuko had deformed left hip joint After She started SBM she improved her ability to move around and relieved pain. She is no longer suffering from hip joint pain now. She cured osteoarthritis of the hip herself without hip replacement. There is a reason to be deformed. 

The SBM exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances.

Corporate citizenship for NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) is the system of public healthcare providers in the United Kingdom.
I think we have fantastic health service in UK.I went to NHS A&E when I hit my head and swollen my face. I only had one NHS experience since I moved London. Thank you for your help. We are so lucky to have NHS.
Anyone can get sick, Anyone can get injury Anyone can ask health care service...  Recently there are lot of discussion about NHS health care service. What can we do for NHS?

Now time to focus your health and self care is more important. People can do many way to look after your own health, body and mind.  Do not rely on NHS always , Do not rely on Dr and Nurse.
Each one of us should his best. 

Your GP is yourself.  Human body is a wonderful. You should have more responsibility your life style, foods, habit.

I think corporate citizenship for NHS and UK is really important.

Why I do care myself , do my exercise everyday at home. I enjoy my life, work, travel, go out, walking, cooking…

Muscle is important but you do not need to do gym training for health

When you make well balance of whole body muscle, you better to lying on the floor to do exercises.

Self Body Make will build well balanced of muscle and only its two simple movement.

Our exercises developed by osteopath and Chiropractor. They are professional of health and human body but they can't make muscle.  We have to rebuild own body by ourselves.

Before you start SBM I will check your body balance and condition including your pelvis and spine.
if your pelvis or your spine etc already not collect position, I will suggest please stop your gym training or others. Because your training may getting worse and worse your body balance.

SBM is enough to build your muscle, for healthy life. Please try SBM and Body tell you current your body conditions.

Self Body Make (SBM)  London Workshopwith Lily & Gold London   Mika 26th Jan, 2020 Sunday   11:00 - 17:00@Light Centre MoorgateInvestment  £380 (including Lily & Gold Inc, Glucosamine Worth £120 and water, & Body Check Wort…

Nobody knows....How to cure a Migraine?

When I shared my migraines clients testimonials, you may be surprised to read this.

I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life. 

My migraines, which began 12 years ago when I started raising my kids, were at times so terrible that I had to stay in bed for three days in a row. I was told that my only choice was to control the pain by combining medicine for migraines prescribed by the hospital with market painkillers and I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life. 
Two years ago I was introduced to Mika during a casual conversation with the hairdresser that I always go to. 

Whole two years has passed since I started doing SBM, I’ve used almost no medicine, and now even if I get a headache it’s so minor that it improves quickly. 

SBM would help your migraines! Please join us to have experience SBM!
Self Body Make (SBM)  London Workshopwith Lily & Gold London   Mika 26th Jan, 2020 Sunday   11:00 - 17:00@Light Centre MoorgateInvestment  £380 (including Lily &…

Which exercises best for bad posture?

The best way to improve your posture is to focus on exercises.However, which exercises ?  Yoga? Pirates?  Personal training?
SBM is best way to improve your bad or poor posture.
The name speaks for itself- SBM literally means ’making your own body’. It is a set of simple, self-curing exercises for your back and neck by using a special SBM pillow. The exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis, spine, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances. Just two type of simple movement Under lying on the yoga-mat and you can do SBM at home everyday. If you are Dr. study anatomy, Therapist or health care specialists you know why the best way to lying to do exercises.
If you want to improve your posture please join us!

Life-sized doll shows office workers could have permanently hunched backs in 20 years 

We really have a hunched back or posture problem here in UK and Japan. Whether it's the result of sitting at a desk all day, looking down at a smartphone during the commute everyday,Hunched backs or  poor posture is dogging people of all ages. Not only me health experts are concerned!
I read news and you will probably be surprised if you see the life seized doll which created.But Its true I sometimes see people like this. How about you? As I posture expert I want you to read this survey and highly recommended.
Life-sized doll shows office workers could have permanently hunched backs in 20 years
"Workers could also end up with varicose veins, rotund stomachs and dry, red eyes"
Ref.   Chiara GiordanoFriday 25 October 2019 00:29Independent 

According to the report by Fellowes

• We spend around 6 hours a day sat at our desks
• Nine in ten British office