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I wanted to cure my ‘hunchback’ so I decided to start SBM

Clients voice SBM detox seminar.

Thank you for the 5-hour SBM detox seminar. Even though it was for a couple of days, I experienced fasting for the first time in my life. What’s more, refraining from smoking and drinking coffee was mind-changing.
I started SBM purely because I wanted to cure my hunchback.
I did the exercise at my own pace but physical changes were happening slowly but surely. And the fact that I was sensing these changes was a signal to the next step.
The theme of the 5-hour event was to “release tension and relax”. And the key onomatopoeia was ‘funya-funya’, the state of loosen up. I wasn’t uttering ‘funya-funya’ during the session, but replaying the phrase in my mind helping to stablise my pace while exercising.
Most importantly, the aim of attending this event was to change my attitude towards binge eating and quitting cigarettes. And it worked wonders.

Summer day !!

It will be another dry, sunny and very warm day. I want to do SBM outside.

 Hyde Park

Regents park

SBM detox seminar would be a great motivation to continue SBM!

34th SBM Detox seminar was held in Tokyo on 13th May. Everyone succeeded in completing the 5.5hours SBM. That is an amazing thing.

Here is our client's voice who attended the SBM detox seminar in London last October.
During SBM session had some symptoms!

Lily and Gold SBM Detox Seminar in London

Lily and Gold  SBM Detox Seminar in London Sunday , 9 July 2017 11:30 - 16:30   £300    Available 
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Are you interested in detox, foods, fasting, exercise?  Lily and Gold  will be held  SBM Detox Seminar in London in July.
To effectively conduct Detox based on Self Body Make (SBM) Get some ideas for doing SBM to detox your body and your mind.

Practicing SBM is facing myself

SBM Lesson Client's voice after trial Lesson
Continued from
1. I was spending everyday having difficulty walking
2. I did realize that I had not been seriously dealing with SBM on one excuse or another.

As a result of my deliberation, I made up my mind that I would quit SBM if fasting would not bring about any favourable changes. I thought this sort of determination was necessary not to go back to the previous situation where I found excuses and felt self-satisfied in spending time by only practicing exercises. I performed fasting first time in my life for three days, and now, I am paying serious attention to how much to eat, when to eat, what to eat and not to eat.

My dealing with exercises has also changed. I have come to believe in myself that is changed and changing through SBM.

Practicing SBM is facing myself. The best things I have got from practicing SBM are not only improved conditions of my body but also realization of my spiritual weakness and shortcomings. I have a lot …

I did realize that I had not been seriously dealing with SBM on one excuse or another.

SBMLesson Client's voice after trial lesson  
Continued from Yesterday.
I was spending everyday having difficulty walking 

When I took up SBM, my right hand never reached an SBM pillow.I was not sure whether a day would come when I would be able to practice exercised grasping a pillow. After practicing for a few month, to my delight, I became capable of grasping a pillow. I gradually came to feel better and proceed to the middle class pillow practice. I should have kept this favourable change going on, but I feel into a cycle of increase and decrease of my weight.

I was spiritually weak, always finding excuses such as "I am not practicing this exercise to lose weight." And As long as I practice exercises everyday, my bone structure would change and I would eventually lose weight. I was lenient with myself. My eating habit and practicing exercises were two separated things. Meanwhile, a new problem of my life came up and I had an opportunity to review my ways of life inclu…

After 10 months of SBM my high-arches have nearly disappeared.