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Loss of high of disc??

Disc degeneration is a normal part of aging, and usually is not a problem. When disc height is lost, nerve impingement, bone and joint inflammation, and resultant pain can occur.

I will neither deny nor confirm what Dr say but I would say glucosamine have beneficial effect on degenerating discs and cartridge. I  recommended if you feel stiff your body, loss hight of your disc.

£120 for 15 days
Lily and Gold Inc Glucosamine and Self body Make( SBM) exercise would help your health.

About Self Body Make

Self Body Make (SBM) is a phrase invented by Yuriko, a fashion model and the founder of LILY & GOLD TOKYO, school for Self Body Make.
The name speaks for itself- SBM literally means ‘making your own body.’ It is a set of simple, self-curing exercises for your back and neck by using a special SBM pillow. 
The exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances.     
The beauty of SBM is not only acquiring the art of self-d…