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Lily and Gold SBM Detox Seminar in London

Lily and Gold SBM Detox Seminar in London
Sunday, 9 July 2017 11:00 - 17:00 @ Camden 

Are you interested in detox, foods, fasting, exercise? 

To effectively conduct Detox based on Self Body Make (SBM) Get some ideas for doing SBM to detox your body and your mind.
Clients Testimonials
Clients Testimonials
About Self Body Make

Self Body Make (SBM) is a phrase invented by Yuriko, a fashion model and the founder of LILY & GOLD TOKYO, school for Self Body Make.
The name speaks for itself- SBM literally means ‘making your own body.’ It is a set of simple, self-curing exercises for your back and neck by using a special SBM pillow. 
The exercise will gradually correct the position of pelvis, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances.     
The beauty of SBM is not only acquiring the art of self-dependence and learning the joy of this exercise, but also the transformation from within and outside of one’s body.    
The theory of SBM is profound. The more you exercise, the more…

Program recommended  ー The Art of Japanese Life BBC4

If you are interested in Japanese culture I highly recommended a program BBC4
The art of Japanese life!

Historian James Fox explores the connections between Japanese culture and the natural world, examining the influence of the country's two major religions of Shintoism and Buddhism.

The Art of Japanese Life

I have no doubt that the confidence, braveness, and SBM exercise you taught me would bring me happiness wherever I go in the future.

SBm Graduation tesimonialHere's what clients and graduates are saying about SBM lesson. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
After tackling family issues I had been avoiding for years while back in Japan, I returned to London with a fresh mind, vowing to myself it would be my turn to find happiness by detoxing both my mind and body. The first day I returned to SBM class Mika declared my graduation. Now that was totally out of the blue. “Please Mika, I don’t want to leave just yet!” I begged for an extension, because I felt I was far from being ready to graduate.

Six years ago I was transferred to the London Office of the bank I had been working for. Approximately six months after the internal transfer, I was introduced to SBM by my colleague from my previous workplace. Back then I had a habit of torturing my body without taking rest to get a sense of euphoric high through tough endurance physical exercise, such as long-…