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Oxford study explores links between personality and the gut microbiome

Oxford study explores links between personality and the gut microbiome
A new study out of Oxford University is suggesting there is a strong link between individual personality traits and gut microbiome composition. The research does not claim gut bacteria directly determines a person’s personality, but instead reveals a distinct and perhaps bi-directional, association between behavior and the microbiome. Its interesting to read the Oxford study. I agreed links between personality and the gut microbiome.
We have our own product  Enzyme past which made in Japan and our customer are talking every day and some people after 6 months she realised her personality changed and more happy. Our enzyme paste have high energy and the past could helps us to improve our energy.

Have you ever wondered what’s causing health or mental problems?
Your intestinal bacteria may be the cause of the symptoms. In fact your intestines are the key organs for protecting your immune system. By improving your gut health…

Flat neck ?

SBM - Neck exercise 

A normal neck has a curve and if you do not have curve or flat neck are effect your postures and migraines, shoulder pain, eye, neck pain, lack of sleep etc.

SBM makes the curve of spine and neck and you can make your curve of spine and neck by yourself.

why don' t you heals your health symptoms?

Lily & Gold Inc held 45th SBM(Self Body Make ) 6 hours Detox Seminar in Tokyo yesterday.
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The SBM will gradually correct the position of the pelvis, spine, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances. If you want to responsible your health, please join us our workshop and learn SBM.

How to improve Reversed curve ?

It’s simple!

If you have reversed curve of spine please try Self body Make exercise. SBM  means" making your own body! it's a set of simple self curing exercises for your back and neck by using SBM pillow. SBM pillow developed in Japan. 70-80 % of symptoms related spine and pelvic misalignment.

The exercises will gradually correct the position of pelvis, spine.

I do SBM before go to bed everyday over past 10 years now. I used to many symptoms.
My symptoms
    If you were only allowed to do one exercise to improve your health, what kind of execise would you choose? - Vol1
I have beed practicing SBM and Lily & Gold's some supplements which I needed  Enzymes Glucosamines over 10 years and I do not have any problems and all my symptoms gone.

How long does it takes to heal of Herniated disc or less pain by SBM?

My friend who diagnosed as herniated Disc C4-C5 after she took MRI. Her symptom is shoulder pain and shoulder stiff and her neck is getting shouter (which means compress her discs).

GP opinion - if you do not have any pain at the moment Let's wait and see for a while. once you got pain you could take pain killer, infections then surgery if necessary.

Chinese medicine & acupuncture said   - Please care of you neck and do not put on much pressure because your disc will be more compress. Let's wait and see for a while.

She then visited chiropractor to check her neck and chiropractor explain about curve of neck. "Your neck is reversed curve and starting bend from C6-C7. You need to make proper neck curve and release and less compress your disc)  Then she realised she remember what I said to her before Spine how important for human.  She feel she could fix your self. Then she needed my fourth opinion as physical exercises.

After I looked her MRI scan's result, I saw h…

Can Herniated Discs Heal Without Surgery?

I would like to share my clients experiencesShe decided to cancel the operation of herniated disc and try SBM instead. 
A lumbar herniated disc and Ear ringingIt was while I was waiting for my operation day for herniated discs when I came across Self Body Make (SBM). I was desperately browsing the web looking for any information, which might help ease my extreme backache caused by the herniated discs.I noticed some symptoms in my late 20's. One day at work, out of sudden I felt a strong pain on my lower back at work, which enabled me to sit at my desk. It was a temporary pain so I didn't pay much attention. However, the same thing started to happen more frequently and eventually, I had to give up on my work as the numbness on my left leg, despite three-times-a-week osteopath treatments, prevented me from walking. It was so unbelievably painful to do simple things like standing or sitting that I had to limit my time outside and lie flat on the floor most of the time at home. Thi…

one leg is shorter than other? Pelvic Tilt or Pelvic Torsion

Have you noticed if your one leg is shorter than other? If so, please check your pelvic. If your legs are not same, your pelvic is tile or torsion. It can lead to a herniated disc or slipped disc, lower back pain, numbness legs and effect your spine as well.

If your pelvic Tilt or Torsion, you could improve yourself by exercises. Self Body Make is self curing exercises for your back and neck ( whole spine) by using a special SBM pillow. The exercises will gradually correct the position of pelvic, spine, leading to correction of balance disorders and muscle imbalances. It's really important your imbalances of muscle rebuilt over and over to fix the pelvic tilt or torsion.  

If you would like to try SBM Please contact us and we are based in North London. We offer SBM trial and consultant  £140 for one hour.

Our next workshop is in London.

Best sleeping position

Sleeping is important for everyone. Do you have good sleep every night? Do you get up easily every morning? 
I used to sleep on my side and could not sleep on my back. Because of my spine does not have S-curve and neck was too straight and my pelvis was not light position. My right pelvis was higher than left. So my body balance was not right. Once I started SBM exercises, my pelvis back to original position and right and left hip balanced. I made my lumber and neck curve as well. When I realised it I could sleep on my back and I could not sleep on my side anymore.
Sleeping on your back is most health benefit and best sleeping position. If you hard to sleep on your back please have check your posture and balanced. Also we recommend use pillow when sleeping. you can see the following picture, Neck have curve and sleeping pillow will support your curve while  you sleeping.
Self Body Make exercise could make S- curve of spine and re develop your balanced of muscle to keep your body. Thi…

How much migraines cost the economy?

Migraines news from UK

£4.4 billion

NHS aims to prevent up to 16,500 hospital stays for headaches and migraines"Around 10 million people aged between 16 and 69 suffer from migraines, which are classified as a disabling illness. The health service spends around £150 million each year treating migraines and £250 million on headaches. The cost to the wider economy from migraines is estimated to be around £4.4 billion due to three million migraine-related sick days, according to NHS England."
£4.4 billion?? 

In my experiences our clients could improved and pain free from chronic migraines by exercises.  The key is spine, neck and balance of body. You could improved your conditions. We could reduce our NHS costs and contribute our economy. I think most of people do not know how to improve your health and we need more educate about human body. Human body is an amazing.

 I thought I would have migraines for the rest of my life.

If you have any concern of your health please try our Self B…

Happy New Year 2020

A Happy New Year 2020 新年あけましておめでとうございます。 祝你新年快乐!

Herniated Disc Sipped disc Migraines Joint disorder headache Any concern health?

If you want to try SBM please feel free contact us.
We are based in North Finchley  SBM trial Lesson 60min including body check. £140 for trial
SBM regular Class is membership only.